Media Coverage

1- Interview with Al-Nahar Channel in January 2015 – GPIS Community and Service Mega Event “We are all Human, We are all Capable”.

2- Podcast with Passion to Profit in June 2016 – How did I overcome the challenges I faced while writing my novel, working as a full-time educator, being a mother and a wife.

3- Featured in ‘Women of Egypt’ Facebook page in July 2016 for Social Contribution.

4- Featured in ‘Women of Egypt’ Facebook page in January 2017 for Women Literature.

5- Interview with Nogoum FM Radio channel in January 2017 – Benshaga’ Omaha Masr.الكاتبة-إيمان-رفعت-كتابي-fabulous-veils-عن-القهر-ا/

6-  Interview with SAT 7 Channel in February 2017 – Fabulous Veils Novel – برنامج هي الحكاية