#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes#Secret 26

And what do you do after reaching the top and making your dream come true? Would you consider it the end and go back to your normal life and your comfort zone? Dreamers keep dreaming. No matter what was the reaction of people towards your first dream, keep moving. Never settle. Here you are the five steps I offer you to follow right after realising your dream:

1- Take a short rest.

Not to become lazy. Just take a few days or a week to rest your body and recharge your energy.

2- Evaluate the experience.

Try doing this from a meta state. As if you’re watching a movie where you were the main character. What happened along this movie? How did you change from the beginning till the end. How did you look? How often did you look happy and why? And how did you act with the different events that took place? Who appeared in your movie and which roles did they play? What are the life lessons you learned from this movie and how do you rate it as an experience?

3- Identify your next dream.

Would it be connected to your first dream? Or did you decide on a different journey after evaluating your experience?

4- Identify the purpose from your dream.

Think of the reasons behind having this dream. Consider the value your new dream would add to you, to your community and to the world. Imagine your life if you realise this dream, do you like it? Would it let people remember you after your death? Will realising this new dream make you immortal?

5- Take action.

Start right after your short break. Keep your passion firing you up, don’t settle to your old life. Keep yourself motivated. Hit the iron while it’s hot and hunt your new dream.

You were created for a higher purpose. Your life is meant to matter in the lives of others. You were created to contribute. Live a meaningful life. The life of the consistent dreams.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes#Secret 24

Dealing with stress effectively is a key factor in your pursuit to make your dream come true. In the crazy busy world we’re living in it became hard to live without stress and hence learning how to deal with it, how to manage it and how to catch it from contaminating your mental state and draining you from energy is an essential step. I offer you four tips to deal with stress:

1- Connect to your body and notice its signals.

To deal with stress you need to be aware of it at first. Your body sends you signals when feeling stressed. These signals vary from a person to another. After turning mute for weeks I understood that my body was sending me several signals and calls for rest through fading my voice. Back then I was still ignorant to this scientific fact. Now I pay attention to my body and decode it signals. Be attentive and connect to your body.

2- Identify the reasons behind the stress.

When feeling stress take a short pause and identify why are you feeling stressed. Is it due to internal or external factors. Is it because you didn’t have a good sleep the night before or because of your nagging child? Is it because you’re dehydrated or because of the traffic jam?

3- Compare the amount of stress with the reasons causing you stress.

Are you over stressing yourself? Ask yourself: “Is the amount of stress I’m experiencing relevant i to the reasons behind it? Did you ruin your day because your son missed the bus? Did you feel extremely stressed because you have a must-to-do task that you don’t like to handle? Even while allowing yourself to feel stressed don’t allow it to feel over stressed.

4- Identify your personalised ways to deal with stress.

Try out some strategies to distress. Breathing, exercising, meditating, colouring, listening to music and many other ways can help you distress. Try out different tactics and have a clear code of conduct to spend your day while managing your stress. Include in your code all the options that can work for you. When you feel stressed look at your code of conduct and select the most convenient tactic that would suit you in this moment. While exercising might not be possible at any given situation, breathing or mental breaks work almost at anytime.

Connect with yourself and your body and learn gradually how to distress. Reflect on your life during the past month or the past week. Check the amount of stress you felt and how did it affect you. Did it fuel and energise you or did it catch you from progressing and advancing in making your dream come true? Train yourself to rule your stress, don’t allow it to over rule your life.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 22

‘Slow is Fast’ is a lesson I learned from the Global Leadership Expert Robin Sharma. Though the statement sounds confusing at first, I find it very inspiring. In order to make your dream come true you need to slow down regularly in order to keep moving faster along your journey. I’m offering you the 3 tactics I followed while putting this lesson into practice:

1- Make regular stops to reflect and evaluate your current state.

Whether you do it on paper or you do it through self talks, the point is that you slow down and ask yourself some questions. What am I doing right now, where did I reach in my dream, are there any opportunities I missed that I should have taken? Are there any opportunities I accepted that I shouldn’t have taken? Am I progressing towards my destination? Is my dream still my dream? Is what I’m doing in order to reach my dream aligned with my values? And the most important question to ask yourself is: ‘Why am I pursuing this dream’?

2- Schedule time for reflection.

Allocating specific time and blocking it for this evaluation is a key factor. I personally commit to it on monthly basis. I slow down for an average of an hour on the last day of each month to answer the questions above and evaluate my current state.

3- Identify clearly the next steps you need to take during the coming period.

During my ‘Slowing down’ time I start to plan my next month, identifying clearly and specifically the actions I need to take, the things I need to learn, the help I need to seek and the changes I need to adopt whether in my routines, my habits or my environment.

Slow is fast. Make sure not to become over busy and super fast that you lose track with your dream.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 21

Gratitude. Expressing gratitude was one of the secrets behind making my dream come true. While learning, I so often stumbled upon the impact of gratitude on one’s happiness, peacefulness and serenity. I’m offering with you this time the two tactics I used to express m gratitude:

1- Expressing gratitude to God.

I made it a daily habit to spare five minutes every morning to write down in my journal the things I felt grateful for. This was another lesson I learned from the extraordinary leader Robin Sharma.

2- Expressing gratitude to people.

In my novel 54 persons lent me a hand. Though some people helped me more than others, I made sure to express my gratitude to every single one who helped me with it. I sent them ‘Thank you’ cards with personalised notes. Though it was a little act of kindness yet it did have a big impact. This was a lesson I learned from my top role model Stephen R. Covey: “In relationships, little things are the big things.”

Expressing gratitude reminds you that you aren’t alone in your pursuit. It secures you. It boosts your positive energy. And it attracts to you positive vibes. Every time you give out something you receive it back multiplied. Give out gratitude.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 20

Opportunities will knock your door. Be wise. At the beginning of my journey with writing my novel, my mentor advised me to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that arises. I was excited with the idea and waited for the knocks. However, when it came to putting it into practice I found out that not all the things that appeared were truly ‘opportunities’. By time, I developed a 6 steps strategy that I followed before opening the gate for what knocked my door:

1- Evaluate the expected revenue.
Volunteering to write on a Facebook page was one of the opportunities I embraced. Thinking of the skills it would urge me to develop and the community I will be surrounded with I found it an opportunity. The revenue was directly related to my dream; developing my writing skills.

2- Compare the time invested with the expected benefit.
Attending a TEDx event was an opportunity. Meeting new people, enlarging the circle of my network while attending an event right next to my home and which lasted for few hours, I found that the revenue was higher than the investment. I was invited too, it costed me zero money 🙂

3- Redefine the meaning of opportunity.
One of the opportunities I was offered required from me commitment twice a month for long months. I calculated the time I will be spending and I had to turn it down. The fact of having to spend more than three hours twice a months commuting just to reach the place and at the same time it had no direct link to the skills I needed to enhance, my answer was clear. This wasn’t an ‘opportunity’ for me.

4- Compare the benefit with the expenses.
Lately I was applying to a course when I was offered a package with a special discount and a decent certification. I studied the offer in terms of money I would spend, the time I will invest and compared this with the outcome. I found this enlightening. Considering the money opportunities would consume is another important aspect.

5- Consult people.
I once read that we don’t see the world as it is, yet we see it as we are. Consulting others in opportunities offered to us is mandatory. They will help us consider different angles and see from different perspectives. We can contact people who had the same opportunity and ask them to share their experiences with us.

6- Listen to your inner voice
How do you feel about it. This is the key. No matter what people tell you or what thoughts your conscious mind would imply on you. Listen to your heart. It has the best answer.

Your dream is waiting, open the gates to opportunities, play big and amaze the world.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 19

Celebrate! Enough being serious and working hard. Now you need to slow down and celebrate your achievements. Yes, your achievements. If your inner voice is making fun of you please put it on mute mode and allow yourself to read the following strategies till the end:

1- Redefine your understanding of achievement.
Don’t wait for leaps or great contributions. Celebrate your first baby steps in your dreams. Subscribing in a Writing workshop and writing my first 3 lines was my first achievement and it did deserve a celebration.

2- Reward yourself while enlarging your steps or achievements.
At the beginning celebrate your baby steps, then gradually start celebrating bigger ones. At first I celebrated my three first lines. Later I celebrated outlining my novel. Lately I celebrated starting this series of videos which was something I kept struggling with for months. Just conquering my fear and posting my first video deserved a celebration.

3- Reward yourself regular for your commitment and persistence.
Whether weekly or monthly, just make it regularly. Rewarding myself by the end of each month for working on my passion every single day became a ritual I wait for. Same for committing to exercising every day for a whole week. Make your celebration a regular ritual.
The main point isn’t to turn yourself into a materialistic person or to depend on extrinsic motivation. The main aim from regular reward is that you start building a healthy relationship with yourself. Think of how people use sugar cubes to tam wild horses. This is something similar. You tam and train yourself to obey you. If you want from yourself to stay on fire and work hard, reward it regularly and it will become your devoted servant.

4- Identify the best ways to celebrate or the rewards you personally prefer.
Each person has his own preference. You need to have such self-awareness. For me, I reward myself by either going out to one of my favourite restaurants, by going to the cinema or by buying new books. These might be awful rewards from your perspective. Connect to yourself and understand what it prefers and offer it the proper reward.

The main value you will receive from this secret is the relation you will establish with yourself and how it will obey you out of trust in you and your appreciation.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 18

Would you allow yourself to be happy without being perfect? I did, and this was another secret which enabled me to make my dream come true.

In order to beat my relentless trials to be perfect I read a book called ‘Be happy without being perfect’ which I highly recommend for perfectionists. The 5 following steps will allow you to defeat this mental thief:
1- Change your mindset.
Only GOD is perfect. All human beings have flows and this is a secret behind their beauty. It’s an evidence that they are humans.

2- Reflect on the impact of perfectionism on your past.
Think of the many times you didn’t take actions and the many chances you turned down because you thought the outcome won’t be perfect. Why befriending perfectionism? He’s limiting you.

3- Study the examples of successful people.
Observe their simple beginnings. They weren’t perfect. Any work of art, any product, any project they produced still have areas for improvement. Nothing in life is perfect so why chasing an illusion?

4- Aim for progress.
Replace your unrealistic goal of ‘being perfect’ with a realist one of ‘doing progress’. Put serious effort to do things properly. Ask for feedback from your family, friends and people who have dreams like yours. Consider their feedback and develop.

5- Stop being selfish.
Playing little and not chasing your dreams is a selfish act. You were given gifts to use them for the best of others. Waiting to be perfect and depriving people from what you can share with them is negatively affecting them and the world.

Change your lens, change your life. Perfectionism is a robber, is mental disease. You will make big things the moment you win your battle over him.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 17

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 17

Problems aren’t problems. Problems are problems only when we give them this meaning and look at them this way. Along my journey I faced many obstacles while writing my novel. However, following the steps below enabled me to reach my dream. The steps were:

1- Changing my perception. Looking at problems as challenges. Changing the way I looked at problems and the way I called them made me take them easier and deal with them with courage.

2- Calming down. Taking a deep breath and searching for solutions on the internet or in books. Asking for the help of my family and friends. Instead of wasting my time complaining and playing the victim, I decided to ask for help and ended up having 54 persons helping me in my novel.

3- Reflecting on the obstacles and how I managed to overcome them. For me the main lesson I learned was to ask for help, instead of panicking or wasting time and energy. This made me develop a strategy to face problems.

4- Feeling more confident. Putting problems into perspective made me see myself on top of my challenges which wasn’t the case at the beginning.

5- Feeling excited while expecting obstacles. By reframing the meaning of ‘Problems’ I started to call them ‘Challenges’, which meant for me growth and evolution.

6- Taking an overview on the whole experience. Studying how challenges changed me on all aspect whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally. How I became a stronger and better person.

Problems are opportunities in disguise. They were sent to you and you in particular to help you grow and develop. Grab them, put them into perspective and start dealing with them as if they were riddles.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 16 (part 2)

The 7 following steps were the strategy I used in making my dream come true:

4- Work harder during vacations and holidays.
Working passionately on your dream is fun and that’s the main objectives from holidays. To have fun. Instead of getting lazy during vacations, I used to work for 3 hours daily on my dream.

5- Prioritise your actions.
Some actions need to be taken before others. In my case, attending writing courses was my top priority, while searching for publishing houses came later on my list.

6- Block a part of your day for your dream without affecting your personal life.
In holidays people tend to sleep more and get lazy. Use this for your best. Wake up early and work while your family members and friends are asleep. Let this thought fuels you; you’re working on your dream while they are immersed in theirs.

7- Postpone harder tasks to yearly vacations.
While some actions on your list might take few minutes like making a call or surfing the web others might require long hours. Learning to market and to network were two of the most challenging tasks I encountered along my journey. Delaying them to my annual vacation helped me to take my time to read, learn and comprehend what needed to be done. Though working during vacation, I was less stressed knowing that I don’t have to go to work while already struggling with tasks related to my dream. In addition, I knew that I had to work on hard tasks for few hours while the rest of the day would be spent in outings and relaxation.

Remember Stephen R. Covey’s quote, “To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know” and take it easy. Your dream started to be realised the moment you decided to read and/or watch this series.

#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 16-Part 1 /2

“To learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.” I greatly admire this quote for Stephen R. Covey, author of the international best seller ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people”. In your dream journey you will be in need to learn, whether to acquire new knowledge or to develop new skills. One of the secrets behind realising your dream is having a clear strategy to put what you learn into action. The 7 following steps were the strategy I used in making my dream come true:

1- Transform what you learn into actions you can take.
Have a kind of log sheet in which you start adding any idea you learn and which you can be put into action.
While learning how to market for my novel, Michael Hyatt in his best selling book ‘The Platform’ urged the readers to start their social media channels. I put this into action by activating my blog, my Facebook page and my accounts on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2- Sort out the actions by time.
After writing the list of actions, read it one more time and start putting the actions under categories.
Some actions might fall under learning, others might be networking or volunteering…etc

3- Divide your actions on the coming months.
One of the things that stop people from reaching their dreams is overwhelming themselves by looking at all the details it might include. Take your time and move according to your own pace. Divide the actions you sorted on the coming months, even if you will need to do them on a year. No one is racing with you.