Coaching Teenagers

Many teenagers struggling at school and with formal education. Unaware of themselves, their needs, their learning styles and their meta-programs they jump to general conclusions such as “I’m lazy”, “I’m not smart”, “I’m irresponsible.”

It’s one of the very enjoyable journeys to witness how teenagers expand the way they see themselves and develop effective strategies to reach their future goals.

The Cognitive Distortion of ‘Should-ing’

‘I must’, ‘I must not’, ‘I should’, ‘ shouldn’t’ are under the cognitive distortion of the ‘Should-ing’. Many people catch themselves from living the lives of their dreams just by embracing this limiting and false way of thinking. We ought to stop and reflect on our ‘must’ and ‘should’ and check their frames of reference and analyse whether we truly should or must do what we currently do and especially if it’s causing us pain or disatisfaction.

Hearing the Unheard

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” Cheryl Richardson

Are we truly heard? We might be talking and our family, friends and peers might be listening or even hearing. However, it takes a skilled and skilful Coach to hear the unheard and uncover the deep reasons behind our dissatisfaction and the obstacles catching us from living up to our potentials and dreams.


Are You an ‘Away From’ or a ‘Towards’ Person?

Do you often change to get ‘away from‘ or to get ‘towards‘? The axe of change explains how people vary. Some people tend to wait for real pain and dissatisfaction in their lives to seek change to get away from the pain. While others seek happiness and peak performance and hence they seek the change in order to get towards their life purpose. And though both types seek change, many might fail to reach their desired outcomes. Equipped with skills, a coach works as a facilitator for change helping the clients to identify the real reasons that are creating the pain, or the inner and outer resources that would mobilise them, and hence reaching real results instead of just dealing with the events happening on the surface.

Ramadan Poisonous Intake

“You’re not allowed to watch it until I do first and approve it,” my mother used to tell my sisters and me. With her strict character and high standards we knew that we would rarely watch a movie on the new video machine she had bought.  We lowered our expectations, accepted our fate and surrendered to watching only series and movies aired on the formal Egyptian television channels.

Getting married in my early twenties, I moved to my marital house and I had no one to supervise me. I spent hours on daily basis watching private television channels and revenging my years of deprivation. Insults, vulgar language and violent scenes shocked me. Little by little I became selective and followed actors who were known to add value and promote for good ethics. The more my professional and personal responsibilities increased the less time I had to watch TV. I committed to watch one episode during the month of Ramadan until I had a breakthrough. 

Writing my own novel ‘Fabulous Veils’  made me consider series and movies from a whole new perspective. I understood how Writers carefully select their words and creatively build their scenes to deliver certain messages and instil certain beliefs. I became more attentive while watching Drama and made sure to reflect on what I watched and reject what didn’t match my value system or my code of ethics. 

Few months after publishing my novel I started studying to become a Life Coach. Learning about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the language of the mind and the power of subconscious I had an OMG moment. I started reexamine my thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs. And sadly I discovered how, in may cases, Drama played a fundamental role in distorting them. 

“I’m following six different series this Ramadan,” my cousin declared last week. Her words left me bitter, understanding how, unconsciously, her mind and beliefs will be poisoned and how her personal and professional life might be affected with the cheap drama aired on countless channels in a condensed dosage during the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan.

Long live my mother who made sure to supervise what her daughters would watch and who made sure herself to watch what would develop her mind as a wife, a mother and most of all a human being and a role model.

If we became addicts to worthless drama, at least let us be intellectual viewers who reflect on what’s presented and who would make a quality control first on what to welcome in our conscious and subconscious minds.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is a conversation between two parties the client and the coach for a desired outcome. The conversation isn’t limited to one type, there are several types of conversations based on the client’s situation and his desired outcome.

Types of Coaching Conversations:
1- Clarity
2- Decision
3- Change
5- Resources
6- Confrontation

Why living unhappy or dissatisfied? Consider trying a fierce conversation with a life coach to create the life of your dreams.

Coaching For Value

Change is one of the universal laws of life. Everything around us changes. Starting from the weather, the seasons to the leaps in technology. It’s true that some people resist change and that they ought to work on themselves and their mindsets to avoid being left behind. However, what concerns me the most is the people who embrace change. Are they clear about the results they wish for? Is the value they get from change relevant to the time, money and effort they invest?

In order to live happier, become more satisfied and upgrade our lives, we need to be crystal clear about the following:

  • What do we want to change.
  • Why do we want to change it.
  • What value will we get from this change.
  • What’s the impact of this change on others.


Days are slow and years are fast, enough wasting time without having a clear end in mind. If you’re not sure about your end in mind, hire a coach to help you.