Coaching Teenagers

Many teenagers struggling at school and with formal education. Unaware of themselves, their needs, their learning styles and their meta-programs they jump to general conclusions such as “I’m lazy”, “I’m not smart”, “I’m irresponsible.”

It’s one of the very enjoyable journeys to witness how teenagers expand the way they see themselves and develop effective strategies to reach their future goals.

Planning to Nurture the 4 Dimensions

Planning for a happy vacation while having the 7th habit of highly effective people in mind made all the difference in my life and my children’s life. Since we learned about the 4 dimensions from Stephen R. Covey’s best selling book, we focused on planning balanced vacations in which we nurtured our human parts; the heart, the mind, the body and the soul.

The Cognitive Distortion of ‘Should-ing’

‘I must’, ‘I must not’, ‘I should’, ‘ shouldn’t’ are under the cognitive distortion of the ‘Should-ing’. Many people catch themselves from living the lives of their dreams just by embracing this limiting and false way of thinking. We ought to stop and reflect on our ‘must’ and ‘should’ and check their frames of reference and analyse whether we truly should or must do what we currently do and especially if it’s causing us pain or disatisfaction.

Relaxing Isn’t Enough

He who fails to plan plans to fail. This was a quote Ive read years ago and I loved it. When it comes to planning many people feel overwhelmed and resist the idea from the first place. ‘Planning vacations’ was an unfamiliar concept among my circles of family and friends. “We just want to rest and detach from the busy-demanding life we’re living” is the most common statement I receive.

Yes, it’s true that we’re living over-demanding lives and for this particular reason we ought to plan our vacations in a way that would guarantee that we return from the vacation relaxed and fuelled with energy, positivity and happiness. To relax isn’t enough, we need to recharge. And for this we need to plan.


Hearing the Unheard

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” Cheryl Richardson

Are we truly heard? We might be talking and our family, friends and peers might be listening or even hearing. However, it takes a skilled and skilful Coach to hear the unheard and uncover the deep reasons behind our dissatisfaction and the obstacles catching us from living up to our potentials and dreams.