All relationship problems stem from poor communication.” John Gray, Best Selling Author of ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, identified fourteen communication mistakes women do in times of conflict. Gray was fair enough to identify fourteen communication mistakes men do as well. In order to have a better planet, we need to have better relationships and without healthy communication relationships die.


#FabulousVeilsNovel#I’m not a feminist

My cause is beyond men and women. Beyond feminism. My novel is a call for Humanity. It’s about the human being, whether a male or a female. It’s about the limiting beliefs and lack of freedom we suffer from in Egypt and worldwide. If you are a parent you will find yourself within its pages. If you’re a young adult you will find it expressing what you wished to cry out and couldn’t.

#FabulousVeilsNovel#Mothers are Role Models

One of my favourite interviews. Mixing it with laughters, Lamia Tamam pinpointed serious issues in our community. Fatherhood isn’t limited to financial duties and children do need to be raised by both parents . Mothers are role models, they ought to watch themselves and be aware of the model they are leaving for their children.