Fate or Destiny, Which One Are You Living?

Religion. One of the concepts people aggressively use to veil our brains. ‘Ady Allah we ady hekmeto’ (that is God’s will and wisdom), was the mantra Sheikh Hassan taught Fatma, the vulnerable Help in Fabulous Veils. Brainwashed by false religious teachings, she surrendered to her violent husband. Embraced his domestic abuse. And she called it ‘fate’.

Do we truly have no control over the events of our lives? ‘Nassiby’, ‘Kadary’, ‘Esmety’, are examples of the words the society install in our brains and they become a part of our identity. Scared to be accused of not worshiping God, we consider it a taboo to discuss religion.

Would we ever give ourselves permission to discuss this taboo? Identifying what’s sacred and holy from what’s evil and ugly? Not allowed to think, Fatma accepted the Sheikh’s words and took them for granted. She was an illiterate poor maid. She lacked the ability to think logically, analyse and reflect. What about us the ‘educated’? Do we allow ourselves to think or evaluate what we were taught about religion? Or are we acting like Fatma, creating more misery on Earth; accepting to be victims of fate?

Year after year we keep worshiping Allah during Ramadan through fasting, praying, donating and serving. Why not adding to these practices the habit of thinking? To reflect and evaluate our contributions in God’s kingdom. To study the concepts we were taught about religion and their frames of references. Why not shaping our destinies through selected positive actions that we choose instead of submitting to a fate that we believe it’s ours?

Fate is the preordained course of your life that will occur because of or in spite of your actions. Destiny is a set of predetermined events within your life that you take an active course in shaping.”

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