6 Frames for Better Thinking – Part 4

Consciously prepare your mind to notice different aspects of the information and to get far more value of it. It isn’t easy yet it’s simple. It’s skill you can develop by practice. And while becoming a conscious thinker pay attention to your mind. Pay attention to your perceptions and notice how often does your mind trick you.

De Bono explained how 90% of the errors of thinking are errors of attention. Here are some tricks your mind plays:

  • Jumping to a perceptual conclusion (good or bad) as soon as possible.
  • Seeking to fill in the details as seen through this initial perception.
  • Distorting the information it’s getting in order to match its own perception.

Thinking isn’t enough. In order to become better human beings, family members and community members we need to be equipped with tools and to practice using them for the best of our personal lives and humanity.


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