The Secret Behind Living ‘Happily Ever After’

A gem. Out of all the people I’ve encountered in my life she stood like a rare pearl. A shining lady in her sixties. Cheerful, happy and content. Always spreading a fragrance of positivity.

Listening to one of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ songs while watching the movie I thought of her. I remembered our conversation years ago when I was inquiring the secret behind her ever-lasting-happiness. “It’s love. My husband didn’t die. He’s with me all the time. I speak to him. I consult him. I feel him around me everywhere. I feel his love.” This wasn’t a sentence I heard in a Disney movie or I read in a fantasy-world-book. It’s the life lesson my uncle’s wife taught me while her eyes, body gestures and voice spoke with passion about the love of her life who had passed away years ago. Wow..! I remembered back then the words of Mitch Albom: “Life ends, love doesn’t.

How does a moment last forever?

Celine Dione’s voice tickled our senses in “Beauty and the Beast”, explaining how we must hold on to love. Never easy, but we try. We try to capture moments of happiness, we keep our love alive inside of our hearts.

And what about the moments of sadness?

Again, this tale with its songs fascinates me. It doesn’t detach us from reality. The lyrics clarify how we’ll pass through imperfect moments and how some memories won’t be sweet. And this in particular would be the secret behind living complete lives. How in the midst of our troubles love would flow like a river, protecting, persisting and persevering.

And because of our pure and beautiful love, our happiness will endure.

Where is Fabulous Veils from this love story?

To which extent my main character Gameela and her husband Sherif were able to hold on to love and keep the love story alive in their hearts? Their story is just an example for the ugly truth we’re currently experiencing in an era where divorce became so common, where freedom is associated with breaking ties of marriage and where people mockingly accuse marriage of becoming a love coffin.

Happiness is a choice. Love is a choice. Maurice, Belle’s father, chose to love his wife even after her death, keeping their love alive.  My uncle’s wife chose to live happily while her love was alive and after he passed away and during the many years of his serious sickness. She captured the sweet memories and persevered during the darkest moments. She’s living a complete life. Both couples were great role models for their children in the power of love, a love that stands through thick and thin.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu


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