6 Frames for Better Thinking – Part 3

The first three frames De Bono presented for thinking about information were the purpose (triangle), the accuracy (circle) and the points of view (the square). The second three were:

4- The Heart frame:

Matters of heart are usually of great interest to people. Mine information for interest. Report what you find interesting. Make more effort to note matters of interest when these are not quite obvious.

5- The Diamond frame:

Diamonds are symbols of value. Your diamond frame should reveal all possible values – even ones you do not give much importance to.

6- The Rectangle frame:

It represents a platform on which something is to be placed and exhibited. Come out with conclusions, spell them out, take action if needed.

It isn’t enough to get exposed to information. It isn’t enough to think of the information from the six frames. Act upon your findings and your thinking from all the five previous frames.

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