How To Identify the Help You Need?

Though Coaching began as a new tool for individuals and organisations in the early 1990s and it’s heading to become a profession, many people still wrongly perceive it in Eastern cultures. They confuse coaching with therapy while they are way different.

The Five Helping Professions 

‘Tell me what to do’ is one of the common phrases many of my clients tend to say during our coaching sessions and which temped me to clarify in brief the differences between the five helping professions:

1- Training

Which means teaching and educating people through a process to enable them to perform a certain skill.

2- Mentoring:

Which means passing on specific information on a particular skill, knowledge, or expertise, to a less experienced person. It’s a process that includes giving advice, guidance and sharing one’s own personal story.

3- Therapy/Counselling:

Which focuses on problems, their sources and the results from those problems. It helps people in healing hurts and bring resolution to personal pain.

4- Consulting:

It involves giving advice and using one’s own expertise in a given field to inform a client what to do.

5- Coaching:

It’s an art; the art of facilitating the process with the client to identify a specific outcome he desires. It happens through a deep conversation that gets to the client’s core meanings, enabling him to mobilise his inner and outer resources for a generative change. A change that awakens, stretches, disturbs, challenges and unleashes the client’s potentials to live on a different level of life.

“Coaching is unlocking persons’ potentials to maximise their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” – Timothy Gallwey

Coaching is about helping people in embracing change and becoming more than they currently are, reaching peak performances and living a meaningful life. If you have a desired outcome, willing to change and yet lacking tools or facing obstacles, it’s time to consider having a Coach!

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