Which of Belle’s 20 Character Traits Would Alter Our Lives?

While watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’ my mind drifted in a comparison between Belle and Gameela. The French Belle in the Disney story and the Egyptian Belle in Fabulous Veils, my novel. The two main characters were named ‘Beautiful’. They were normal girls and had love stories. However, the difference between their endings was as huge as the difference between a beautiful summer day and a dark winter night.

Belle’s 20 Character Traits

I’m one of Belle’s fans. Analysing her character, I identified twenty reasons:

1- She was deep.

She didn’t like Gaston like all the other girls. She was different.

2- She was straightforward.

She told him that they won’t make each other happy and that she will never marry him.

3- She was happy.

With the limited books available in her small village, she didn’t nag, complain or get annoyed. She was cheerful, smiling and singing.

4- She was passionate.

She kept reading the same books. Her passion for reading didn’t fade due to her limited resources.

5- She was ambitious.

She was longing for adventures, for a life more challenging than the one she lived.

6- She was clear.

About her dreams. She communicated them clearly, going out under the sky and asking for a different life. An adventurous one.

7- She was independent.

She went on her own to search for her father.

8- She was a giver.

She sacrificed herself for her old father.

9- She was a thinker.

She asked the Beast to show his face first in the lights. She did it before deciding to sacrifice herself.

10- She was proactive.

Trying to escape from the window. She didn’t surrender. She tried to change what she didn’t like.

11- She was bold.

Refusing to join the Beast for dinner and saying it out loud.

12- She was grateful.

For the Beast to rescue her, she told him she was grateful.

13- She was thankful. 

She took care of him to express her gratitude in a practical way.

14- She was patient.

She changed him gradually. She walked him out of the castle. Taught him how to approach the horse and how to play with snowballs.

15- She was understanding.

She didn’t expect from him to use the spoon. She found a way that would suit them both to eat the soup.

16- She was connected.

To her feelings. To herself. She noticed how she felt towards him.

17- She was receptive.

To his love. She noticed how he was changing. She didn’t label him as a ‘Beast’ and refused his offers. She accepted to dance with a Beast. She dressed up for a Beast.

18- She was loyal.

To her father. She was truly concerned. She remembered how everything she was was because of him and how he was the one who taught her to dance.

19- She was confident.

Whether in the village or at the Castle. She acted upon her free will. She wasn’t concerned with ‘what people would say’ or ‘how would the Beast react’.

20- She was true and honest.

With herself and others. And this one is my favourite of al!. She explained how she couldn’t be happy unless she was free.

This was the French Belle who tamed the Beast. Moving to Egypt, which character traits did Gameela lack? And why did her love story have such a different ending?

Gameela in ‘Fabulous Veils’ is inspired from a true story. The story of million Egyptian girls who ought to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and learn from Belle if they are seeking happiness and longing to live a love story.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” ~ Noah – The Notebook

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