6 Frames for Better Thinking – Part 2

A triangle, a circle, a square, a heart, a diamond and a rectangle were the six frames Edward De Bono chose in his book ‘Thinking about information’. Become a better thinker by thinking about information from the lens of these shapes:

1- The Triangle frame:

Triangles have points. The arrow points in a particular direction. That direction is the purpose.

What is the purpose of your search? Why do you need this information? Why is it valuable?

Where should you look for this information? Is it the right place?

2- The Circle frame:

The circle represents the centre of a target. Accuracy depends on how well you hit that target. Focus directly on the accuracy of info. If you plan to take an action, give high importance to accuracy.

3- The Square frame:

All sides/points of view of an issue must be treated equally. Also to approach issues from all sides. Pay attention to the degree of bias or neutrality in the information. Notice the bias while using the information. Choose not to use a source that is consistently one-sided. Choose to look at the information in a different way.

Start using these three frames during your day to day life. Use them as a tool to become a better thinker.

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