The 30 Million People Who Were Reached Out Because of a Diaper

Hitting the bottom might be the luckiest thing we ever experience. A powerful lesson I learned from Lisa Nichols, one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.

Lisa had a very humble beginning and she decided to pursue her calling the night she couldn’t afford buying a diaper for her toddler. She made a promise to her son that this would never happen again and that she will create a brand new version of their life. And she did it!

Transformational Coaching

Lisa Nichols, the lady who reached and served over 30 million people, prefers to be called a Transformational Coach, not a motivational one. She challenges her clients to do a revolutionary change, not accepting from them to settle for the easiest level of change; the behavioural one.

The Levels of Change 

Coaches invite people to feel uncomfortable, to discover the unknown countries of their own potentials. Accordingly, Coaching is about change. There are four levels of change:

1- Incremental (continuous) change:

Which focuses on expanding the same behaviour to new levels of flexibility.

2- Discontinuous change:

In which people adopt new behaviours and expand their frames of thinking.

3- Evolutionary change:

In this level people reexamine their identities, values and beliefs.

4- Revolutionary change:

This is the higher level of change; a change in the direction and the vision.

The First Step for Creating Change

I felt rock bottom, and I realised, ‘I have to do something,’” Nichols said. “I have to be my own rescue. No one’s going to rescue me.” Another life lesson from Lisa. No Coach will be able to help us unless we decide to help ourselves first. We must be willing to change. We must accept our circumstances, believe we can create a new brand future and only then a coach can help us transform.

I asked her how many Coaches did she have, she said three. What do you think I did as soon as I went home? I hired a third,” Lisa Nichols sharing her conversation with Oprah Winfrey during the break of the Oprah Show. Being a Coach herself didn’t stop her from hiring three Coaches to keep her promise to her son, transforming her own life and reach millions.


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