6 Frames for Better Thinking – Part 1

How much attention do we pay to the usual? An alarming question Edward de Bono posed at the beginning of his book ‘Six Frames for Thinking about Information’.  De Bono explained how most people, though being surrounded with countless information and data all the time, they fail to notice but the unusual.

As parents, how often do pay attention to our children when they’re well behaving? And how often do we become attentive when they misbehave, nag or cry? How often do we walk over the streets paying limited attention to the sounds around us, only becoming alert when we hear a scream, a crash or an explosion?

If you wish to become a better thinker start paying more attention to your surroundings. Second, learn how to deal with the data your brain received using the Six Thinking Frames. These frames offer you the following:

  • A strategy to prepare the mind to notice different things.
  • 6 different directions to look at information.
  • A method for extracting more value from information.

In the following videos I will be sharing De Bono’s frames and explaining how to look at information and how to react to it.

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