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And what do you do after reaching the top and making your dream come true? Would you consider it the end and go back to your normal life and your comfort zone? Dreamers keep dreaming. No matter what was the reaction of people towards your first dream, keep moving. Never settle. Here you are the five steps I offer you to follow right after realising your dream:

1- Take a short rest.

Not to become lazy. Just take a few days or a week to rest your body and recharge your energy.

2- Evaluate the experience.

Try doing this from a meta state. As if you’re watching a movie where you were the main character. What happened along this movie? How did you change from the beginning till the end. How did you look? How often did you look happy and why? And how did you act with the different events that took place? Who appeared in your movie and which roles did they play? What are the life lessons you learned from this movie and how do you rate it as an experience?

3- Identify your next dream.

Would it be connected to your first dream? Or did you decide on a different journey after evaluating your experience?

4- Identify the purpose from your dream.

Think of the reasons behind having this dream. Consider the value your new dream would add to you, to your community and to the world. Imagine your life if you realise this dream, do you like it? Would it let people remember you after your death? Will realising this new dream make you immortal?

5- Take action.

Start right after your short break. Keep your passion firing you up, don’t settle to your old life. Keep yourself motivated. Hit the iron while it’s hot and hunt your new dream.

You were created for a higher purpose. Your life is meant to matter in the lives of others. You were created to contribute. Live a meaningful life. The life of the consistent dreams.

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