Are You a Prisoner or a Jailer?

A transforming butterfly. Extremely different from her ancestors; the Pharaohs. While they were concerned with the future and the afterlife, consuming most of their time on planet Earth to prepare for the next, which was a lot more significant for them, Gameela didn’t. Neither was she able to use the present moment.

Locked up in the past by Sherif, her husband, she practiced submission till she transformed; losing her identity and forgetting who she was. She expected from him to express his love to her the same way as he did when they were still lovers. Despite the decades which passed, she awaited from him to whisper words of love, to bring her gifts on monthly basis and to bring her audio cassettes for Abdel Halim Hafez. And though audio cassettes became obsolete, Gameela still wished for them, unwilling to unlock herself from the chains of past.

Gameela, in her jail, wasn’t alone. She had a company; her thoughts. They were locked up in the past too. They made countless journeys to the debut of her love story, to Gameela’s intimate time with her lover, focusing only on Sherif and how he used to nurture her with love. Absorbed by what used to be, she neglected her mind and her own development. She became the prisoner and the jailer altogether.

“Thoughts have power; thoughts are energy. And you can make your world or break it by your own thinking,” Susan Taylor, American editor, writer, and journalist, advocated. A woman whom the American Libraries referred to as “the most influential black woman in journalism”. Had Gameela worked on her thoughts, had she paid attention to unlock her chains, to liberate herself from the past, to accept the change and evolve, to nurture her mind and grow, the butterfly would have been blooming and flying. The butterfly would have been still alive.

Watch your thoughts. Unlock your chains. Start making less visits to the past and live more in the present. The present is the present. Your thoughts, your destiny.

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny,” David O. McKay.

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