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Persist till the end. Be from the few who proceed with their dreams till they reach the summit. It’s normal to feel worried and tired. It’s expected to feel scared and worn out. You’re a human being and human beings experience these feelings. In order to pull yourself till the summit of your dream try these four strategies:

1- Acknowledge your feelings. 

Expect to feel worried or scared while getting ready to face the world with your dream. Overcome your worry and fear. Remind yourself with your exams period. Though feeling worried sometimes from the results you pushed yourself to take the exam and deal with the results. Same as for your dream. Above all it’s a learning experience. Overcome your worry, face the world with your final product whether it’s a painting, a symphony or a new recipe book. Go through the experience and learn from the results.

2- Push yourself hard and do your very best.

Despite the tiresome or the fatigue do your best. Same as the marathon runner who, despite feeling terribly exhausted, increases his speed while approaching the end. Insist and persist to do your best and increase your perseverance.

3- Work on your psychological state.

Motivate yourself to persist. Have your own mantras or quotes that put you on fire even on the hardest times. “Leaders lead on their knees” for Robin Sharma and “Watch the seasons” for Lisa Nichols were my fuel in my toughest periods. I understood it was the planting season and hence I didn’t expect to harvest. I reminded myself that no matter what the seasons will change and the hard period won’t last forever.

4- Work on your physical state.

Care for your body. Connect to it and nurture well. Even if you’re deprived from sleep to work hard on your dream by the end of your journey, find alternatives. Be selective with your food or drink more water, eat nuts or honey to keep your brain sharp. Let your body be your loyal servant by catering for its needs.

Never quit. Don’t allow perfectionism, challenges or worry steal your success. You have a success story to be shared with the word. Scribble it with passion, nurture it with persistence and share it with the world with love and sense of purpose.

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