#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes#Secret 24

Dealing with stress effectively is a key factor in your pursuit to make your dream come true. In the crazy busy world we’re living in it became hard to live without stress and hence learning how to deal with it, how to manage it and how to catch it from contaminating your mental state and draining you from energy is an essential step. I offer you four tips to deal with stress:

1- Connect to your body and notice its signals.

To deal with stress you need to be aware of it at first. Your body sends you signals when feeling stressed. These signals vary from a person to another. After turning mute for weeks I understood that my body was sending me several signals and calls for rest through fading my voice. Back then I was still ignorant to this scientific fact. Now I pay attention to my body and decode it signals. Be attentive and connect to your body.

2- Identify the reasons behind the stress.

When feeling stress take a short pause and identify why are you feeling stressed. Is it due to internal or external factors. Is it because you didn’t have a good sleep the night before or because of your nagging child? Is it because you’re dehydrated or because of the traffic jam?

3- Compare the amount of stress with the reasons causing you stress.

Are you over stressing yourself? Ask yourself: “Is the amount of stress I’m experiencing relevant i to the reasons behind it? Did you ruin your day because your son missed the bus? Did you feel extremely stressed because you have a must-to-do task that you don’t like to handle? Even while allowing yourself to feel stressed don’t allow it to feel over stressed.

4- Identify your personalised ways to deal with stress.

Try out some strategies to distress. Breathing, exercising, meditating, colouring, listening to music and many other ways can help you distress. Try out different tactics and have a clear code of conduct to spend your day while managing your stress. Include in your code all the options that can work for you. When you feel stressed look at your code of conduct and select the most convenient tactic that would suit you in this moment. While exercising might not be possible at any given situation, breathing or mental breaks work almost at anytime.

Connect with yourself and your body and learn gradually how to distress. Reflect on your life during the past month or the past week. Check the amount of stress you felt and how did it affect you. Did it fuel and energise you or did it catch you from progressing and advancing in making your dream come true? Train yourself to rule your stress, don’t allow it to over rule your life.

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