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Use the Power of Imagination. Team up with your subconscious and enable it to energise you in your pursuit of making your dream come true. Robin Sharma, Global Leadership Expert, in one of his videos, advocated for the impact of Vision Boards. He advised his viewers to prepare a collage of pictures which reflects their own vision for a perfect life. Using this tactic to make your dream come true, there are three steps to follow:

1- Identify your vision for a perfect life.

Whether you start cutting pictures from magazines and glue them or use pictures from the internet and an app for collage, the main thing is that you select your pictures wisely. Think of what matters to you the most in this life. Don’t think under your feet, dream big and aim to live a long life of significance and contribution. Consider a balanced happy life.

2- See your dream as a part of your perfect life.

Have a picture in your collage for your dream and add it to your vision board. See your dream as a part of the big picture. If you have other dreams add them too. In my vision board I had a picture for a Youtube channel many months before it existed.

3- Feed your subconscious with this picture on a daily basis.

Make sure to have your board in an accessible place. Observe it on a daily basis. Sharma advises that one looks at his vision board first thing when he wakes up and last thing before going to bed. This is a key to ensure that both your conscious mind and subconscious mind collaborate in making your dream come true. Your conscious mind is the one who makes the decisions and hence he’s the one who will identify the pictures he wishes to have on your vision board. While your subconscious mind is the one in charge of making the decisions happen, hence feed him daily with the pictures to stay motivated and focused in your pursuit.

What’s your vision for a perfect life? If you can dream it, you can make it.

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