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‘Slow is Fast’ is a lesson I learned from the Global Leadership Expert Robin Sharma. Though the statement sounds confusing at first, I find it very inspiring. In order to make your dream come true you need to slow down regularly in order to keep moving faster along your journey. I’m offering you the 3 tactics I followed while putting this lesson into practice:

1- Make regular stops to reflect and evaluate your current state.

Whether you do it on paper or you do it through self talks, the point is that you slow down and ask yourself some questions. What am I doing right now, where did I reach in my dream, are there any opportunities I missed that I should have taken? Are there any opportunities I accepted that I shouldn’t have taken? Am I progressing towards my destination? Is my dream still my dream? Is what I’m doing in order to reach my dream aligned with my values? And the most important question to ask yourself is: ‘Why am I pursuing this dream’?

2- Schedule time for reflection.

Allocating specific time and blocking it for this evaluation is a key factor. I personally commit to it on monthly basis. I slow down for an average of an hour on the last day of each month to answer the questions above and evaluate my current state.

3- Identify clearly the next steps you need to take during the coming period.

During my ‘Slowing down’ time I start to plan my next month, identifying clearly and specifically the actions I need to take, the things I need to learn, the help I need to seek and the changes I need to adopt whether in my routines, my habits or my environment.

Slow is fast. Make sure not to become over busy and super fast that you lose track with your dream.

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