#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 21

Gratitude. Expressing gratitude was one of the secrets behind making my dream come true. While learning, I so often stumbled upon the impact of gratitude on one’s happiness, peacefulness and serenity. I’m offering with you this time the two tactics I used to express m gratitude:

1- Expressing gratitude to God.

I made it a daily habit to spare five minutes every morning to write down in my journal the things I felt grateful for. This was another lesson I learned from the extraordinary leader Robin Sharma.

2- Expressing gratitude to people.

In my novel 54 persons lent me a hand. Though some people helped me more than others, I made sure to express my gratitude to every single one who helped me with it. I sent them ‘Thank you’ cards with personalised notes. Though it was a little act of kindness yet it did have a big impact. This was a lesson I learned from my top role model Stephen R. Covey: “In relationships, little things are the big things.”

Expressing gratitude reminds you that you aren’t alone in your pursuit. It secures you. It boosts your positive energy. And it attracts to you positive vibes. Every time you give out something you receive it back multiplied. Give out gratitude.

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