What Are You Waiting For?

Is it a life rule that we have to surrender to that one must be knocked down first before starting to live intentionally?  Do we have to be hit by a devastating event to start leading our lives and playing big, acting upon our potentials?

When I first read ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari ‘ for Robin Sharma I was fascinated with how courageous he was. Standing up again after collapsing in the courtroom and starting all over, quitting his job as a successful lawyer and joining monks to find life balance sounded inspiring. Later on, I started to watch interviews and TED talks for successful people and one of the things I found common between them was that they all hit the bottom. They all were broke whether personally or professionally and they used their pain and agony as a fuel to play big. Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and many others.

Reading the ‘Big Magic’ for Elizabeth Gilbert a couple of month ago she tackled one of the beliefs I had since my childhood. To be creative one needs to go through pain. To write, authors need to suffer. To create great things, artists need to live in agony. Gilbert claimed that this is one of the misconceptions we live with.

It took me sometime to consider Elizabeth’s point. I reflected on my life and how I was knocked down in 2010 and how living mute for weeks urged me to write my Personal Mission statement and identify clearly my life purpose. And I studied my life during the past year and a half since I started writing my novel. I thought of how I was fuelled with love from my family, my friends and my students. How the excitement of making my dream come true filled my lungs and dyed my cells. Elizabeth was right, why do we associate suffer with creation and evolution? Why do we have to wait till our lives fall apart before taking the initiative to fix it? Can’t we break this cycle?

If you’re living at peace with your life right now and feeling happy and fulfilled this would be great. If not, don’t wait like J.K. Rolling for your partner to abandon you, don’t wait like Lisa to be financially broke to the extent that you don’t have the money to buy a diaper for your child. Don’t wait till one of your beloved ones passes away so that you become alert. Give yourself the wake up call now. No matter where you are or how tough your life is it will change, this is one of the natural laws of life; whatever it is it will not last forever.

Act now, take the lead, hold your life tight in your hand, display courage and start from where you are with what you have. Don’t wait for life to knock you down.


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