#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 20

Opportunities will knock your door. Be wise. At the beginning of my journey with writing my novel, my mentor advised me to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that arises. I was excited with the idea and waited for the knocks. However, when it came to putting it into practice I found out that not all the things that appeared were truly ‘opportunities’. By time, I developed a 6 steps strategy that I followed before opening the gate for what knocked my door:

1- Evaluate the expected revenue.
Volunteering to write on a Facebook page was one of the opportunities I embraced. Thinking of the skills it would urge me to develop and the community I will be surrounded with I found it an opportunity. The revenue was directly related to my dream; developing my writing skills.

2- Compare the time invested with the expected benefit.
Attending a TEDx event was an opportunity. Meeting new people, enlarging the circle of my network while attending an event right next to my home and which lasted for few hours, I found that the revenue was higher than the investment. I was invited too, it costed me zero money 🙂

3- Redefine the meaning of opportunity.
One of the opportunities I was offered required from me commitment twice a month for long months. I calculated the time I will be spending and I had to turn it down. The fact of having to spend more than three hours twice a months commuting just to reach the place and at the same time it had no direct link to the skills I needed to enhance, my answer was clear. This wasn’t an ‘opportunity’ for me.

4- Compare the benefit with the expenses.
Lately I was applying to a course when I was offered a package with a special discount and a decent certification. I studied the offer in terms of money I would spend, the time I will invest and compared this with the outcome. I found this enlightening. Considering the money opportunities would consume is another important aspect.

5- Consult people.
I once read that we don’t see the world as it is, yet we see it as we are. Consulting others in opportunities offered to us is mandatory. They will help us consider different angles and see from different perspectives. We can contact people who had the same opportunity and ask them to share their experiences with us.

6- Listen to your inner voice
How do you feel about it. This is the key. No matter what people tell you or what thoughts your conscious mind would imply on you. Listen to your heart. It has the best answer.

Your dream is waiting, open the gates to opportunities, play big and amaze the world.

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