#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 13

Networking. One of the big challenges that faced me in my journey to make my dream come true. Believing in the power of networking and how important it is in my pursuit, I had to discipline myself to work on enlarging my network. I invite you to try these four steps:
1- Read about the topic
Never eat alone and Storynetworking were very inspiring books for me in this stage.

2- List down the possible networks in the field of your dream
Write them clearly on a piece of paper.

3- Attend events where you can meet people from these networks
Make sure to be noticed. A story or something special can help you be remembered later. As a visual person I always carry a pencil case with colours to take notes in a form of mind maps. People started to remember me with colours, they called me Iman colours. No matter how simple the tip is, the point is that people notice you during the event and remember you after it.

4- Volunteer and offer help in areas related to your dream
This will not only enlarge your network, it will help you gain experience in your field and provide you with feedback that will be insightful for you and will help you develop and grow.

Conquer your fear, your shyness and go hunt your dream. It’s waiting for you at the border line of your comfort zone.

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