#Fabulous Veils#The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 11

Who are your success models? Who do you look up to?
In your journey to make your dream come true, make sure to keep yourself inspired. To do so, follow these steps:
1- Identify your success models, people in the same field of your dream. Then select one to be your top success model.
In my case Robin Sharma was my role model. We had similar visions, he wrote a novel to inspire people to lead their lives and I wanted to write a novel to inspire people to lead a revival. He was a lawyer and worked in a field not related to literature, I was an educator and never studied literature. So your first step is to identify who’s your top success role model.

2- Study his journey from the very beginning till the summit of success.
This step is very important. Many of us admire successful people while neglecting their start ups. Studying the beginnings of your success model will fill you and fuel you with hope. Understanding that no one was born successful and figuring out that the majority of great people had very simple beginnings will keep you inspired. Moreover, studying the steps your success model took to reach the summit will be insightful as it might guide you to take similar steps.
For me Robin Sharma with his first novel went to self-publishing and I followed his steps. Knowing that he started his sessions with members of his family inspired me to start with people in my close circles first.

3- Get familiar with his daily habits.
As Sean Covey said: “We become what we repeatedly do.” Your success model has habits that you need to discover. Habits are very powerful and any successful model has a set of habits which enable him to succeed. Learn about the habits of your success model and try to adopt as many as you can. It’s true that adopting new habits is very hard. The trick that I had learned is that instead of adopting new habits I better replace old habits with new ones. My role model used to wake at 5:00 am so instead of sleeping late and waking up late I started to sleep earlier and get up at 5:00 am. Instead of wasting my time while going to work in chatting I started to read books and listen to e-books to learn on daily basis like my role model did.

In order to stay inspired, identify your top success role model, study his steps and follow the ones suitable for you, figure out his habits and adopt some of them by replacing old ones. Your dream is waiting for you.. and your life will truly start the moment you step out of your comfort zone.

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