I Urge You to Pause for a Minute..

Most people were wrong. They thought that writing and publishing my novel was the end. They thought that I had a dream and that I made it happen and now they expect from me to go back to my comfort zone, to my cocoon and play little till my last breath.

Fabulous Veils isn’t just a novel or a dream. It’s a call for movement. It’s an invitation to think, to reflect, to examine, and then to act. It’s a call for change. What type of change? This is what the readers of Fabulous Veils already figured out.

My first scripted lines were the dedication of my novel which I dedicated to my daughter, Malak, and then all Egyptian Females. From my perspective, it’s in their hands that lies the hope for a better Egypt and a more promising future. Egypt, an extremely wealthy country in natural resources, extremely poor in people who are open to change and who are willing to lead.

Again to my dedication. Females are the hope for a revival. Why females and how females, many would wonder. Why females not males they might question. And how would females lead, who will allow them? How will they manage while being mothers and with all the demands of caring for a family?

To answer these questions, we should first understand the meaning of a revival. ’An improvement in the condition, strength, or fortunes of someone or something’. Hence it’s mainly an improvement. How would a country improve while more than half of its population is entrapped and chained because of their gender? How would it improve while its girls get raised from their early years to believe that they are ‘less’ than boys? And how would it improve if most women are playing the victims and crying over the spilled milk instead of showing courage, expressing needs, claiming rights and taking the lead?

And I’m not talking here about extremes. Fabulous Veils isn’t a call for fights or disputes. It doesn’t advocate to more divorces, family problems or conflicts. It encourages us to watch our thoughts. To lead an inward revival. A peaceful one. Mandela and Gandhi both made it, reaching their dreams peacefully. Patiently and peacefully. My writing was a call for peaceful action. One that starts with one’s thoughts and beliefs. A call to become proactive, to understand our rights and to learn how to communicate and how to express our most fundamental needs. And what are they? Food, shelter and sex? If these are our needs as many women mistakenly think, why were we created as human beings? Why weren’t we created as animals?

We, human beings, both men and women, need to be loved unconditionally, to be heard without judgment, to be accepted for who we truly are, to be recognised and appreciated for our uniqueness, and most of all we need a room to manifest our existence. We need a chance to leave a trace, a mark, a contribution.

For a revival to take a place, we, Egyptians, need to stop fighting together over roles and responsibilities. We need to empower one another and give more room for women to lead, to shine and to excel. Women are the mothers who raise new generations and if they aren’t successful role models for their children, a revival will be an unachievable dream.

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