#FabulousVeilsNovel#Book Review

“Fabulous Veils is a novel that provokes deep feelings of pain, sorrow, loneliness, doubt & allows us to reflect deeply on the norms that we’ve been accepting without questioning in our culture.
The author crafted the characters is such a creative way, giving each a unique style of its own. Characters are created with so much details that one actually feels their presence. You could see a part of you in all three, because they are so real & human.
It brought a lot of mixed feelings to me, I cried, I laughed at some naive acts, I sobbed. Events are so catching and hard to predict.
It respects our minds, giving a logical reason for everyone’s behaviour.
Adding songs that relates to certain emotions & the descriptions that crafts the scenes makes it interesting, catching & a good companion for the reader till the last word of it.
It also brings hope in the future of the coming generations with some reflection, proactivity & determination.” Heba Anwar

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