WOE list of Egypt’s 50 Most Inspiring Women – 2016

So proud to be Egyptian.. Egyptian will rise.. I have no doubts!

Women of Egypt Mag

Egyptian women are pushing the boundaries in unprecedented ways. Their achievements and successes are dominating the daily news.

They are breaking down barriers, challenging social and cultural taboos, and their impressive accomplishments are shaping and changing the world for other women.

We are honoring fifty of these amazing, revolutionaries, visionary, creative, brave women, in hope to inspire, influence and empower more women to follow suit.

amal-sabry 1. Amal Galal Sabry won the Emirates Woman of The Year (Humanitarian) Award 2016, to become the first Egyptian to receive this award. She is the Founder of Emirates Autism Center, and her son Amr is the 1st child with autism to be integrated in a mainstream school and the 1st child with autism to graduate high school in the United Arab Emirates.

14591720_1210607742311251_7321198538675987186_n2. On  October 2, 2016,  Amany Helmy Khalil, who had just turned 50, competed and completed the Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona…

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