#Fabulous Veils# The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 8

In your pursuit of making your dream come true, your inner voice will be one of your worst enemies. It will start from the early beginning demotivating you and telling you lies. ‘You can’t, you won’t, who you think yourself you are, you don’t have the skills, you have no knowledge about it….’ are some of the lies my inner voice told me.

In order to face this challenge I learned that I must win this battle in order to achieve my dream. It included three steps:
1- Acknowledge its existence
Instead of denying it learn to embrace it. Remember that whatever you resist it will persist and hence instead of rejecting it, welcome it.

2- Don’t interact with it
Pushing it to the back of your mind and paying no attention to what it says. Don’t consider what it tells you and don’t engage with it in logical conversations.
The movie of Russell Crowe is what inspired me to do this. Watching ‘Beautiful Minds’ I admired how the main character avoided interacting with the imaginary characters his mind created. On my turn, I just welcomed my inner voice and saved it in the back on my mind.

3- Replace it with positive stories of people who faced adversity
Start creating louder voices. Positive ones. Remember the success stories that inspired you, the heroes you admired. Think of people who faced adversity and manage to reach the summit of success. Lisa Nichols and Oprah Winfrey for me where two inspiring role models.

Every time your inner voice starts to mumble repeat in louder voice “I will make it and I will succeed. My role model……… made it and defeated all the odds.”

Winning the battle over my inner voice was one of the main secrets behind realising my dream.

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