#Fabulous Veils# The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 7

To which extent is your environment suitable for realising your dream?
The environment plays one of the key roles in the pursuit of dreams. Being surrounded with noise or not having easy access to the tools we frequently use, not only wastes our time and decrease our productivity, yet it might demotivate us. Hence, the 7th secret in your dream journey is about creating an effective environment. The environment includes many elements such as:
– Lighting and its degree
– Temperature and humidity
– Noise and sound distractions
– Comfort, in terms of seat and desk
– Tools and working equipment
– Scent
– Connectivity and internet speed

Unfortunately many people pay little attention to the environment and consider it a luxury. However, creating a positive and engaging environment is a key factor in the level of our productivity and our creativity.

Reexamine your working environment and consider the elements mentioned above. Try to create a space in which you can work on your dream, whether it’s at home or outdoors. Then add few elements to boost your energy and spirit. You don’t have to spend fortunes. A scented candle or a sachet of dried flowers could alter your mood. A small lamp or a pair of scissors right under your hand can make a huge difference. Create the environment that would best suit you.

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