#Fabulous Veils# The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 6

You’re busy, you’ve no time and you feel overloaded? That’s how most of us feel. However, making your dream come true will never be possible unless you allocate time for your dream.
In his best selling book, Stephen R. Covey advocated for the importance of working on the ‘important’, not only the ‘urgent’, in order to live a happy and a successful life.

To allocate time to work on my dream I followed these steps:
1- Considering my dream as one of my top priorities.
As a working wife and mother I decided to consider writing my novel as a priority among my other personal and professional responsibilities.

2- Allocating time for my dream on weekly basis based on my circumstances.
In some weeks I was able to work for an hour twice a week and in other times I made it half an hour. My key was working regularly on weekly basis.

3- Trying the best timing and duration.
In order to succeed in working regularly on my dream I had to try many settings in terms of day of the week, time during the day and the duration. Every time I reflected on the trial till I identified the best working hours that wound’t negatively affect my family, my job and my balance.

4- Using the time effectively.
At the beginning I had to spend time to think of my dream, to envision it, to imagine myself celebrating at the end. This was another key I learned from Covey; beginning with the end in mind. This image I had helped me identify the steps I needed to take. Then I started to think of the skills I need to develop, the things I need to learn, the information I need to collect and the people I need to refer to for help.

You dream is achievable no matter how hard it might seem. Allocate time on weekly basis to work on it as it’s the ‘important’ and you’ll make it happen. Impossible is nothing.

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