#Fabulous Veils# The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 4

How often do you set goals and then fail to achieve them?
For me, ‘Committing in public’ was one of the secrets that enabled me of making my dream come true.
Committing in public to our dreams has two benefits:
1- It increases our motivation:
Just declaring our dreams, not only goals or hopes but dreams, motivates us to pursue them. Declaring in public to as many people as we can and in all our circles, whether our family, friends, peers, colleagues or even acquaintances.

2- The energy of the universe begins to align with our efforts:
Just by declaring out loud what we dream to achieve the universe starts to help us, whether by offering us opportunities that will help us along our journey, or by connecting us to people who will be helping us.

That’s what happened to:
Thomas Edison, in 1879, after failing in numerous attempts to invent the electric light bulb, he declared to the world that he’d put a working bulb on display by the end of that year and he did.

– President John F. Kennedy, in 1962, proclaimed that the United States would put a man on the moon within 8 years. The people at NASA were surprised by his promise and they comprehended the tremendous challenges that would have to be surmounted in order to realize that dream.

Did you commit to your dream in public? Say it out loud, to every single person you know. You will be criticised, laughed at and maybe even ridiculed. Use all the feedback you will get as fuel in your journey and make your dream come true.

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