4 thoughts on “#FabulousVeilsNovel#Open_Discussion

    • What a deep answer…. one of the things I’ve read was pleasure vs happiness.. where pleasure is about enjoying things in the moment while happiness is doing things in the present to enjoy in the future.. lije raising kids well.. so happiness might require that we do things we dislike for the results we like 🙂

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      • You mean work while being happy? Sure, as much as possible..for example, while changing the diapers for my son I wasn’t feeling happy. Now when I see him blossoming as a young man I feel happy I cared for him and did what it took to help him turn into this young man. So I didn’t feel happy while changing his diaper, yet I heel happy now. in pleasure we take our reward instantly and it doesn’t last for long, while with happiness we don’t feel instantly yet it lasts for longer.


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