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“In her office, she rocked in her leather chair. She opened her second drawer, the one with the lock, and got out the white envelope. Mony’s large letters were neatly crafted on it: “A message to Mummy, please read it as soon as possible.” The words ‘as soon as possible’ were underlined and written in capital letters. Madiha stared at the rectangular shape she was holding. Yes she didn’t have the courage to open it the same day Mony stuffed it in her bag. Yet she didn’t mean to ignore it for three months. She thought of it daily, got it out of the drawer many times. Everyday she decided to wait for tomorrow and every tomorrow brought another tomorrow till Mony shocked her today with the fact that it had been ninety days. Ninety days of tomorrows. Today Madiha wasn’t ready for any tomorrows.  Not that she wanted to read the letter or that she had a clear mind for reading it. She was only curious of….”

Join the ‘Creativity Challenge’ and have your illustrations displayed at the Book Signing of Fabulous Veils. 
Book Signing invitees will be voting for best illustrations. 1st place winner will receive a free copy from Fabulous Veils and the 2nd place winner will receive a voucher of 50 pounds from Diwan bookstores.
All what you need is to send your drawing for the passage shared from the novel. Let us see it through your eyes and your talent. Set your talent free and show us what you can do with whatever tools & in whatever form you want. 

The last date to submit your illustrations is Thursday the 8th of December. You may share them here in the comments or send them by email at iman.refaat@gmail.com with the title of ‘Fabulous Veils Creativity Challenge’.

Make sure to write your name, country, age and the date on the illustrations.

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