#Fabulous Veils# The Secrets behind the Scenes# Secret 2

Clarity is the second secret which enabled me to make my dream come true. For one to pursue his dream, he needs to know clearly what his dream is. There are three simple tips I used to be crystal clear about my dream which I invite you to try:
1- Listen to your inner voice.
In order to hear your inner voice you need to spend some quiet time with yourself. Pay attention to the ideas that keep echoing in your head. The questions you keep asking like “How did they make this happen?” For me I used to wonder how authors write novels. If you find the step hard, start then by asking yourself ‘What aren’t my dreams?” and eliminate the dreams that aren’t yours, little by little you will find clarity.
2- Observe the successes of other people which you admire
Identify successful people from your perspective. Then try to figure out which example increases your heart beats and you feel like ‘I wish I was him’ or ‘I wish to succeed like him’?
In my case, I never looked at Bill Gates or Thomas Edison as the success I wish it was mine. I thought of Khaled EL Hosseiny, author of the Kite runner, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat pray love.
3- Visit your childhood
It holds a world of secrets. We all had childhood dreams, when we were still young and our minds were free to dream away from the logic, calculations and complications of our currently materialistic world. Try to remember what people used to praise you for when you were a child. What you used to excel in or to do differently when you were still a child.
In order to make your dream come true, you need to know exactly what your dream is about.

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