#FabulousVeils Novel#CreativityChallenge#Passage 5

“Maman, I’m here,” Mony shouted, holding a crystal glass of pineapple juice, standing in the middle of the party, dressed in a pair of black leather skinny trousers, a black chiffon long-sleeved top, her hear braided in dozens of thin braids and her face unmade up except for a pink lipstick. Staring at her daughter, Madiha pressed her jaws firmly and packed her anger in her stomach, storing it for later.”

Join the ‘Creativity Challenge’ and have your illustrations displayed at the Book Signing of Fabulous Veils.

Book Signing invitees will be voting for best illustrations. 1st place winner will receive a free copy from Fabulous Veils and the 2nd place winner will receive a voucher of 50 pounds from Diwan bookstores.

All what you need is to send your drawing for the passage shared from the novel. Let us see it through your eyes and your talent. Set your talent free and show us what you can do with whatever tools & in whatever form you want.
The last date to submit your illustrations is Thursday the 8th of December. You may share them here in the comments or send them by email at iman.refaat@gmail.com with the title of ‘Fabulous Veils Creativity Challenge’.
Make sure to write your name, country, age and the date on the illustrations.

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