Books That Alter Destinies

How many words do you speak per day? How many of them do you speak to yourself? And if you were to sort these words would they be mostly negative or positive ones? Words of guilt, blame and criticism or words of affirmations?
 In the 7th ritual of ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ Robin Sharma introduced the ritual of ‘The spoken word” as:

– Define a series of mantras and recite them every day

– Constantly affirm all that’s good in your world through mantras 
Do you have your own mantras? Well, let’s first define the meaning of a mantra:

“ A mantra is a numinous sound, a word or phonemes, or group of words believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers.”

For me I have different mantras which I use in different settings. I’m alive, I’m blessed, I’m grateful are some of the mantras I use during the first hour of my day to fill my heart with gratitude. On my challenging days I repeat “Winners never quit and quitters never win” for Lisa Nichols. When something bad or negative happens I tell myself “La’alo kheir”, which is a mantra in Arabic which means that maybe this bad things turns to be good. 

If you use mantras, share them with us in the comments, if not consider using them, they do have a magical effect.


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