Book That Alter Destinies

How do you start your day? The way you start your day sets the tone for its remaining hours. Waking up on an annoying beep then hurrying to be on time for whatever you have on your schedule won’t guarantee you a well lived day. 

Robin Sharma, in his Monk who sold his Ferrari book, introduced the “Early awakening”. In this 6th ritual of the ten the book presented he wrote:

– Rise with the sun & start the day well off

– 6 hrs of deep sleep are enough

– Never eat after 8:00 pm (digestion)

– Meditate to soft sounds/music immediately before heading to bed

– 10 min before sleeping & 10 min when waking up are very influencing on subconscious 

– Laugh at the beginning of the day

– Live each day as if it’s your last day

This was one tough ritual to adopt. Waking at 5 am every single day even when the weather was cold and the bed was warm was truly torturing. Year after year I failed to commit to this one. Till last year I made it. Waking up early despite the cold weather, on weekdays and on weekends and even during holidays and summer vacations. How? The purpose. I had something I wanted to wake up for. At first it was my novel. I started to wake up at 5 am to write for an hour before going to work. After ending my novel I became addicted to this habit. I rise with the sun. I take quiet time at the beginning of the day to decide how I want to live it. Who I want to be. The values I will stand for. Whom I wish to become. The unit of the day reflects our life as mentioned by Sharma. Having time to meditate, to reflect, to exercise and to learn before carrying out the daily duties is no longer a tough ritual. It’s a gift I offer to myself and its impact deeply affect my relationships, my inner peace and my happiness.

Finding it difficult to rise with the sun? Watch this video for Robin Sharma. 5 Tips On How To Wake Up Early:

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