Books That Alter Destinies

Ten rituals were shared by the “Monk who sold his Ferrari” for Robin Sharma. A novel he narrated as “a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny”.

Dreams and destiny are two big words. Many people believe that it’s hard to dream in our fast materialistic world. And many others believe that they have no choice regarding their fate. In all his teachings, Robin Sharma propagate to the fact that the person is the creator of his own destiny.

In his heart-touching and mind-provoking fable, one of the rituals he tackled was the ritual of ‘Personal Reflection”.
This daily ritual consisted of:
1- Taking time to think.
2- Considering own actions (positives and negatives).
3- Knowing what was done wrongly during the day and taking immediate steps to repair it.
4- Writing the thoughts that went through the mind.

Watching a video lately for Bob Proctor I was shocked with the fact he shared. “Most people don’t know how to think”. At school, pupils neither learn how to think nor get equipped with thinking tools.The results is a generation of people who, asked to think, don’t know how to process this common sense order.

Trying to think as invited by Sharma, I started to search the internet and the bookstores for resources. Mind maps, thinking hats, brainstorming activities, proactivity cafes, fishbone techniques are few examples of what I have found.

From this rich book I was alerted to the importance of teaching my children and my students how to think and equipping them with tools to help them pursue a fulfilling life, the life of their dreams.

To watch Bob Proctor’s video on thinking click the link below (from min 19)

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