Books That Alter Destinies

Is knowledge truly useful? One of the great lessons I learned from Robin Sharma was the importance of continuous learning. Not only he advocated for the great benefit of nurturing the mind on daily basis, yet he insisted that one should put what he learns into practice. 
Before following him I used to read on and off. Though my favourite hobby is reading yet with my super busy life I found it hard to commit to reading daily. Right after reading the ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’, I challenged myself to read a book per month and I nearly finished ninety books in six years. However, this still wasn’t what Sharma invited people to do. He talked about daily habits that would nurture the mind. Trying to improve, I joined his five am club in which he emphasised on the importance of learning for twenty minutes every morning before engaging with the real world. I shifted from learning from books to listening to podcasts, watching TED talks, following mastery sessions and subscribing to blogs. With his inspiring insights I was able to select what to read and what to watch and to try to put them into practice. 
Reflecting on this valuable book I feel happy, though I still didn’t adopt all its profound teachings, I can tell that I changed and developed by putting its knowledge and rituals into practice.


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