Books That Alter Destinies

Do you know who you are? Are you aware of your values, your desires, your interests, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses, your fears, your comfort zones and your peak experiences? In his best selling book ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ Robin Sharma shared the first practice for a better and more fulfilling life; the ritual of solitude. In this ritual he suggested that we spend 15-50 minutes of silence and in solitude on daily basis and to commune with nature for few minutes each day. 

At first I found this practice so frustrating. Every time I sat on my own I started to hear voices of guilt and blame. Little by little, and with the help of my life coach, these voices were replaced by positive thoughts and I started to notice positive ideas about myself; whether an anger I channeled or an act of kindness I did. After months of practice I became addicted to this time that I can’t start my day without it. Spending time on my own in the early morning helps me set the tone of my day and become proactive instead of reactive. 

As for communing with nature, I still struggle to make it a daily ritual. I do it only in summer vacations where the environment is more suitable to this practice. Yet I try daily to observe the sky, the clouds and the birds. I contemplate the trees, the palms and the river and remind myself while doing so that I’m blessed to have my senses and mostly my sight. These practices don’t require long durations and their impact is priceless. 


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