Books That Alter Destinies

What inspires you? For me many things do and on top of them all are books. When it comes to families I never encountered any book which was more inspiring than the 7 habits of highly effective families for Stephen R. Covey. And when it comes to self-help or self-development there were several ones. One of these books was ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’.Reading the book I found its principles very insightful and most of them were practical. 

For me Covey was talking about the roots and the values which form the foundation of one’s character. While Sharma, in his Ferrari book, was focusing on the habits and practices one needs to adopt to become healthier, happier, calmer and more fulfilled.

Ending his book I summarised it and made it a ritual to revise the summary regularly to ensure that I remember to adopt his strategies and hence elevate the quality of my life. 

I read the book many years ago and I can’t help but feeling grateful to Sharma for inspiring people to live better lives whether through his books, his podcasts, his mastery sessions or his YouTube videos. 


2 thoughts on “Books That Alter Destinies

  1. I’m currently reading it and I’m really enjoying the practical tips 🙂 My choice for this book was based an attempt to resolve the chaos this world is bringing to our lives ….Your post made me feel I did a correct decision by choosing this book 🙂

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