Books That Alter Destinies

I once read that the community that plays together stays together. This was one more thing we, as family, learned to highly value after reading the 7 habits book for highly effective families. 
Sharpening the saw wasn’t only about renewing one’s four dimensions of heart, mind, body and soul. Sharpening the saw is also vital for families. In his book Covey emphasised on the importance of family members spending time together on regular basis in what he called ‘Family time’. During this time family members are expected to spend quality time together to play, to have fun, to discuss the family values, to plan for future vacations, to brainstorm solutions for the challenges they are facing and a lot more.
Trying to adopt the culture of the seven habits in our family, we try our best to share weekly meals, weekly family time and yearly vacations in which we spend time apart from family and friends to sharpen the saw of our own family. 
These family times suggested by Covey helped us become more united and bonded and most of all it made us enjoy each other company cause we knew by practice that family time would fill our hearts with joy and happiness.


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