Books That Alter Destinies

How many people are aware of their four dimensions? Honestly I wasn’t aware of them till I read the great book of the 7 habits of highly effective families. From this book I learned that I have a heart, a mind, a body and a soul which I must care for to ensure I remain effective as a human being, as a wife and as a mother. 

Reaching the chapter of habit number 7 “Sharpen the saw” deepened my understanding about this insightful concept of dimensions. I comprehended how it is vital to renew my four dimensions, not only to be aware of them. I figured out how regular breaks and rests help us become better human beings and hence this ensures we deliver better results in both our professional and personal lives. This chapter helped me make a paradigm shift, understanding how meditation, personal reflection, exercise, play and breaks are essential if we wish to be productive, effective and mostly happy.
And as Oprah Winfrey once said in one of her ultra inspiring speeches: “One cannot give from an empty cup.”


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