Books That Alter Destinies

One to one times are moments I cherish. Spending time with each member of the family alone, apart from the other members, was one of the things that positively affected our family. 
In his 7 habits of highly effective families, Covey explained how it’s important that parents spend special time with their children; where each child would have his own time. During this time the parent and the child would have time to bond, to connect and to truly get to know each other. Surely the book was talking about quality rather than quantity. It also affirmed how important it was for the parents to spend special time too to enjoy each other company, not to quarrel, complaint or pinpoint at one another.
Spending one to one time with each of my family members is one of life blessings. With my children’s studies and busy schedules sometimes we find it hard to watch a movie or visit our favourite restaurant. Keen on quality not quantity we would agree on playing a game at home or preparing a quick meal together, just the two of us, enjoying and bonding. We took our oath that no matter how life gets busy, our family would remain our first priority. 


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