Books That Alter Destinies

Deposits, Withdrawals and Bank were three very profound concepts I learned from the book of the 7 habits of highly effective families. In this life changing book Covey explained how important it is to put deposits in the personal bank accounts of the people we deal with and on top of all our family members.
Reading his book I was moved with one of the stories he shared for a wife who used to spread clean bedsheets and tidy the house to please her husband and who, on his turn, never showed appreciation for her love. From this story I learned how it was vital to know what truly matters to our beloved ones so that we put meaningful deposits in their bank accounts. 
Moreover, I learned how it’s very important to regularly put deposits, especially after any withdrawal. I understood how it wasn’t enough to say sorry when upsetting someone and that I had to put a deposit of love to nurture the relation and keep the account safe and vivid. 
Though love deposits may vary from a person to another yet there are many simple inexpensive ones. A smile, a flower, a call, a tap on the shoulder, an action of service, a simple gift, a chat over a cup of coffee are all ways to tell our beloved ones that we value the relationship and that we’re keen to have a solid and rich account.


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