Books That Alter Destinies

How often do you use the remote control? And for which purpose? Before reading the 7 habits of highly effective families my relation with the pause button was limited to watching movies. However, in his book Stephen R. Covey emphasised the importance of pressing this button in our daily lives.Acting according to principles and not moods, as he advises, is truly challenging, especially in our current crazy super busy world. I try and I screw up but the good news is that after I screw up I pause, I reflect, I apologise and I make needed amends. 
From this great book I learned to press the pause button not only while dealing with other people yet with myself too. I pause to reflect daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I know this might sound time consuming however I had learned that slow is fast. When we slow down and pause to reflect we find clarity which enable us to move faster towards our goals and to act better in alignment with our principles.
Covey advocated for the use of this button for the best of our relationships, our happiness and our own fulfilment. 


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