Books That Alter Destinies 

Not delivering results like my classmates and sisters filled me with shame in my childhood. I lived many years believing that I’m not good enough and I was truly thirsty for approval. Any approval. Any simple word that would make me feel good at something. Anything. 
Reading the 7 habits of highly effective people I wished to share its sixth chapter with every single parent and educator on planet earth. Who said children were expected to be alike? Who said that students were expected to deliver same results? And who said life is a competition? Actually everything. From the results of the monthly exams at my school to my teachers and my parents. Ranking the students by exam results and totals on monthly basis and never being among the top three I knew I was a failure. I knew I had no chance to win, I performed with my average potentials just trying not to fail to avoid myself the troubles of punishment and reprimands. I felt demotivated to try cause I knew ahead that I will never beat the top three students in my class. 
Reading the chapter of Synergy I experienced contradictory feelings. I felt upset from my limiting childhood and felt relieved for my own children. I understood that we weren’t supposed to be alike and that in our differences lies our uniqueness and greatness. I learned that together we bring greater results cause each one will have room to use his strengths and gifts and that in doing so our weaknesses will fade cause we will be completing one another based on our personal strengths.
This habit didn’t only affect my personal life. It had a profound impact on my professional one too. It made me understand the value of team members and the higher results one can bring by synergising. It made me look at people with the lens of potentials and strengths and in doing so their limitations dissolved. 


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