Books That Alter Destinies  

What’s your family culture? This was a puzzling question for me at the beginning of my journey with the 7 habits of highly effective people for Stephen R. Covey.
Reading his book I figured out the importance of the language parents use at home with their children. I tried to watch my vocabulary and to use the titles of the habits while talking to my children. I forgot many times, remembered some yet I kept trying no matter what. 
Knowing how I love cards my children always made sure to offer me cards on my birthdays whether bought or handmade. However, this year they didn’t. Instead, they got me a jar which included sixty reasons for which they loved me, thirty from each one of them.
Unfolding the tiny pieces of paper one after the other a couple of reasons stopped me. My son’s “because you love me unconditionally” and my daughter’s “because you think win-win”.

These two reasons reflected to me the culture we’ve been trying to create in our family; the culture of the seven habits of highly effective families. 


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