Books That Alter Destinies

“I need to buy time,” my fifteen-years-old daughter just told me few days ago. Feeling her frustration I recalled how I used to feel before reading the third habit of highly effective people in Covey’s book; ‘First things first.’ 
Back then I got fascinated with his suggestion of identifying the big rocks first, which meant priorities, and starting with them. Managing energy not time and saying ‘no’ more often to urgent unimportant things in order to make room for the important were also very insightful concepts. I so much liked this habit that I got his book of ‘First things first’ afterwards and studied it, not only read it. 
One of the rituals we established as a family after reading this habit was bedtime reading. Reading to our children became one of the big rocks we made sure to pay attention to in their childhood and which helped them develop many traits like their love to learning, their language skills and their broad knowledge. In our mission statement we had agreed to be a family which inquires and explores regularly. We agreed to be a family that values learning and hence translating this aim into daily actions of bedtime reading made sure not only to bond us with our children or model to them how family comes first, yet it helped us fulfil our mission in turning our children into life long learners. 

We had a mission and we tried to put it first cause our children are our biggest rock. 


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